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Asalto Week: a Play-test at Cyningstan

A 19th century asalto board.
A 19th century asalto board.

Sunday, 11th May 2014

Followers of the Cyningstan Traditional Board Games accounts on Twitter and Facebook will already know that I want to play-test asalto on-line next week. I'm putting the news on-site here too, for the benefit of those who haven't seen my social media posts, to see if you'd like to join us.

I'm looking more deeply into Asalto in the hope of writing a strategy guide. This will form part of a larger book about board games that I intend to publish later in the year. Since asalto hasn't been analysed deeply to the best of my knowledge, I'd like to get some more experience of playing the game. Since my friends can be imposed upon only so much, I've turned to Facebook and Twitter for help. And to you.

What I'm hoping is to find a few volunteers who'll play asalto using the conversation/comment features of Twitter and Facebook, or if preferred, email. I will be playing, but I'd also love to see games played between others too. I'm hoping at the end to see the various strategies that people have used, and how well-balanced the game is. I'd also like to have two good example games, one victory each for the defenders and the besiegers, which will go into the book.

To make this work well, I'd like between four and eight participants, including myself, playing a pair of games each. I'll mention the names of those who help me in the acknowledgements of the book. As an extra token of thanks for anyone who completes a game for my perusal, I'll email a PDF copy of the published book.

So if you're interested in helping my project and getting yourself a free e-book, then please get in touch either by email, or on Facebook or twitter, and we can sort out the how, who and when of playing the game!


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