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Hnefatafl: the Game of the Vikings

This web site will take you on a tour of the hnefatafl family of games (e.g. tablut, tawlbwrdd, brandub and alea evangelii), starting with its history from the earliest times, through its travels with the Viking settlers, on to the time of its decline and finally to its modern revival. Then the rules will be explained, along with some hints on strategy. Finally, you can play the game against a friend using a virtual board. Begin your journey with ... (visit...)

World Xiangqi Federation Homepage

Welcome to the World Xiangqi Federation, the Web's most international source of Xiangqi information. Here you'll find stories, games, pictures, information about how to play Chinese chess, and how to improve. Please enjoy your stay, and don't hesitate to send us your feedback. (visit...)

The homepage of Renju International Federation

Welcome to RenjuNet - the homepage of The Renju International Federation! Here you can read the latest news about renju events all over the world. You can also find tournament records, game records, player profiles, photos, videos, articles, links to different renju sites, downloadable renju material, etc. (visit...)

The International Go Federation

Since the beginning of the last century the game of Go has spread around the world. In the Americas this development started in Brazil and the USA. In Europe Go was introduced in Germany and the Netherlands. As of June 2008 the IGF has 71 members on all continents. Europe counts 35 members, Asia 16, the Americas 15, Africa 3 and Oceania 2. The total number of players is well over 40 million, the overwhelming majority in East Asia. ... (visit...)

The Oware Society

Welcome to The Oware Society, the first organized body to promote and organize International Oware Tournaments worldwide. With a worldwide membership of players and enthusiasts of all abilities. We have something to offer everyone, from beginner to Grandmaster or for those just seeking information. In addition to organizing tournaments (nationally and internationally) the OWS supports and promotes Oware activities worldwide. We also publish a quarterly newsletter, 'Oware News' for members. (visit...)


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