Traditional Board Games

Play the Games

This section supplements the "Learn" section by bringing together resources to allow you to play the games: downloads of various kinds, and embedded web games for you to play against the computer.

Traditional Board Games Leaflets

The Traditional Board Game Series is a collection of sixty leaflets, covering over eighty traditional board games from around the world. These games cover five millennia, ranging in date from 3000 B.C. to about 1900, with the addition of a few 20th century developments of older games. Societies represented are spread across the globe. Ancient Greece and Rome, medieval Spain, Victorian Britain and Viking Scandinavia represent Europe. Ghana and Ancient Egypt represent Africa. The Mayans and Zuni people represent ... (read more...)

Print-and-play Downloads

The files on this page are print-and-play games. They are designed to be printed onto A4 paper, to be glued onto card. Bigger boards are spread over multiple pages, so that the files can be printed on any printer. Each file is in PDF format, and contains a board, pieces, and instructions for assembly and play. These files are free to download for non-commercial use. (read more...)


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