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Shadyantra was invented in India and Shri Lanka because Shri Lanka was part of india 8800 yrs back. Initially it was named as Dhyut by Sage Agasthya. Shadyantra is device and played as per Shadgunya. It is based on 10x10 board called Dashpaad. Chaturanga was evolved from Shadyantra in 200 BC after it was latter was banned. And yes Chaturanga was played on 8x8 board..

Kautilya - 16:47, 17/11/2022 - Chaturanga

The board that you have shared in called Ashtpaad. (1) Do you know what these Crosses in squares signify??? You have incorrect explaination of ashtpaad(8x8). Chaturanga was incomplete game invented after Emperor Ashok Period. The oldest game was played on Dashpaas(10x10) board and was called Shadyantra.

Kautilya - 15:21, 11/10/2022 - Chaturanga

I played with my mum many years ago when I was young in the 1950. I have the board but have lost the cones and have want to replace it . I really didn’t think I would ever think I would be able to get another one.Im so pleased I will be able to buy this game halma

Mrs Eileen Veans - 23:56, 05/10/2022 - Halma

Hello: I am enjoying playing the strategy game asalto. HOWEVER, I am looking for the history of OFFICERS GAME. maybe, Officers and Sepoys was first, I also like to play Fox and Geese. I have not found any historical game books mentioning Officers Game. Thanks.

steven martin - 20:48, 18/09/2022 - Asalto

I'm sorry to be a nuisance guys, however, with four die each having two outcomes then the probability matrix is NOT of sixteen outcomes. Effectively these four sided Die are only two sided (like a coin) NOT Four sided numbered 1 to 4 Also, these die can score Zero. Yes, a four or a zero have the same probability (all die identical). (Making two Possible Outcomes) Then. A One has four outcomes, so therefore a three must also. (Giving eight more Possible Outcomes) (Making ten Outcomes). And finally. A score of two has EIGHT possibilities. Giving a total of Eighteen possible throws. Therefore: Zero = 1 / 18 One = 4 / 18 Two = 8 / 18 Three = 4 / 18 Four = 1 / 18

Dexx - 09:08, 12/09/2022 - Royal Game of Ur

The Courier chess is an amazing variant that represents the medieval court in a better way. Here is a link where you can play it against real players:

Draganov - 10:41, 09/09/2022 - Courier Game

Is the American Civil War backgammon set that you have on your website for sale? If so, how much does it cost?

Therese Anne Matthews - 16:52, 08/08/2022

Is this backgammon set for sale? If so, how much does it cost?

Therese Anne Matthews - 13:53, 03/08/2022 - Backgammon

very nice. thnx. a-

alec - 23:33, 12/07/2022 - Fox & Geese

Have you thoughts about the ancient history of Mancala?

Marjorie Hilton - 15:54, 27/05/2022 - Games Round the World: North Africa

Excellent help thank you so much for all of your time spent to help young readers like myself get the right information that we need!!! Sincerely, Madison

Madison - 00:25, 19/05/2022 - Puluc

Distinguished Mister Ryan, there are various places in Internet, mainly using the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol of the World Wide Web, where different varieties of Chaturaji can be played. The name of the game may also be given as 'Chaturanga of Four Armies', 'Four-Handed Chaturanga', or some other names, and the rules are somewhat different because the rules given by all the hitherto known historical sources are also different. I strongly recommend to play Chaturaji in the Game Courier section of the Chess Variants Web document. It is by far the most comprehensive place that exists in the whole Internet for playing board games derived from Chess, ancestors of Chess, or similar to Chess, of ancient or of recent invention, against human opponents. Literally THOUSANDS of different board games or its varieties can be played there, if You find an opponent willing to play a particular game or variety. You just make Your challenges public and wait up to fourteen days for some other player to accept. You can play in 'real time' or 'by correspondence', in both cases with ample choice of time limits, or without time limits. If You wish and if You have programming skills, You can CREATE Your own game or variety, and challenge other players to play it. I have created several games, invented by me or by others, to whom I have given proper credit. Specifically for Chaturaji, please visit these hyper links: 'Chaturanga Four Kings Double Mate' written by Lady Christine Bagley-Jones (although the correct name for Chaturanga with four armies is Chaturaji): 'Chaturaji Modern Variant Revised' written by Mister Emmanuel Baud (it is a modern invention, it has a few different rules from the previous variety): If You wish to play one or the other, You may challenge any player, or more specifically You may challenge those players known as experts in Chaturaji. As of May 2022 the strongest Chaturaji players in Game Courier are Lady Christine Bagley-Jones and Mister Kevin Pacey. The former is a well known game inventor, while the latter is a FIDE Master in European (International) Chess. It will be very difficult to beat any of the two. I hope, Sir, to have been of assistance in Your request for finding opponents in the ancient game of Chaturaji. P. A. Stonemann, CSS Dixieland.

P. A. Stonemann, CSS Dixieland - 17:49, 07/05/2022 - Chaturaji