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Hnefatafl at Jocly
Hnefatafl at Jocly

The links on this page are for web sites that allow you to play with other people across the Internet (web or email). Sites with human-vs-computer or "hot-seat" play are more numerous, one the most versatile of which is the one right here on this site.

There are two different styles of play among the links below. One is "correspondence" style, where players need not be on-line at the same time, but make their moves typically once or twice per day before waiting for the other player to log in. The other is "real-time" play, where a game is played in one sitting as if sat together at the board. Since the different styles suit people's different schedules, I specify which where known. has a server that lets you play board games by email. It has an impressive number of games: chess variants new and old, draughts, row-building games like renju and nine men's morris, hnefatafl, and many modern games that I'm not familiar with. (visit...)

Dragonheels' Lair

This site offers a large number of different games, including chess variants, backgammon, Connect 4, go-moku and an impressive array of hnefatafl variants. (visit...)


A multilingual site that includes a large selection of board games. Games are played in real time and include chess and chaturanga, many draughts/checkers variants, oware, backgammon, tablut and a large number of more modern board games. (visit...)


BrainKing offers many games both classic and modern to play in correspondence mode, including Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, Go, Tablut and a number of modern abstract board games. (visit...)


BoardSpace provides mostly modern abstract games, but it does have some classics available. Examples include hnefatafl (which is called tablut there, regardless of board size), fanorona, some chess variants, and even the mediaeval super-game rithmomachy! (visit...)


YourTurnMyTurn offers over forty different games you can play in correspondence format. The usual classics are there - chess, draughts, backgammon, as well as interesting games like halma, oware, reversi and tablut. There are modern games in the mix too. (visit...)


igGameCenter is a special gadget that opens a door to the world of multiplayer online board games. On that site you will be able to play chess, checkers, shogi, Othello, renju, connect6, hex, twixt, halma, battleship and other multiplayer board games with live opponents all over the world. (visit...)


Jocly allows you to play many games old and new in real-time against players across the world. They have an impressive 3D engine that allows you to play on realistic looking boards. Some of the playable web games here on are supplied courtesy of Jocly. (visit...)


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