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Asalto Print-and-play

Front sheet of the Asalto print and play file.
Front sheet of the Asalto print and play file.

Download: asalto-print-and-play.pdf
Size 64kb, downloads 3671.

Asalto is a hunt game from Northern Europe. Twenty-four besiegers are attacking a fortress. There are only two defenders in the garrison. The defenders have on their side greater mobility, and the ability to capture besiegers foolish enough to come into their power. The besiegers must neutralise the defenders or occupy the fortress; the defenders must block the advance of the besiegers, or capture so many of them that their objective becomes impossible.

This print-and-play file allows you to create your own set with two sheets of A4 card (or similar size, e.g. U. S. Letter). One sheet contains the board, the second contains the pieces. A third sheet is provided with instructions for assembly and play, and may be printed or not as you please.


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