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Agon Leaflet

Agon leaflet
Agon leaflet

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Agon is an eighteenth-century game, and one of the earliest to be played on a board made up of hexagons. Two sides each have a queen and six guards which start around the edge of the board. Each side must try to be the first to get their queen to the centre of the board, while preventing their opponent from doing the same, using blocking and capturing moves.

The leaflet is designed to be printed on two sides of A4 paper which can then be folded into an A5 leaflet. These leaflets are copyright protected but may be freely printed and distributed unmodified.


I am yet to play this game so I might be misunderstanding things but one of the rules in the leaflet confuses me:  "If the queen is captured, then its owner must, on his next turn, remove the queen from her predicament and place her on any other space on the board." 

I presume you cannot just go and place the queen in the central space...  Does this really mean though that you can re-position your captured queen anywhere, so even if you are captured in one of the outer rings, you can re-place your queen on one of the inner rings and thus gain an advantage?  That would seem to be a disincentive to capturing the queen, unless the inner circles are already well and truly under your control so that there is no room for the owner of the captured queen to position his piece there.  Can you please elaborate on this a bit?

David - 23:58, 19/10/2017

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