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Agon Print-and-play

Agon print-and-play front page.
Agon print-and-play front page.

Download: agon-print-and-play.pdf
Size 66kb, downloads 4461.

Agon is one of those race games that is played purely with skill, no luck being involved. Each player has a queen and six guards. Pieces move towards the centre of the board, capturing enemies by throwing them back out to the edge. The player who occupies the central positions with their queen and guards wins the game. Agon was designed in the late eighteenth century and became very popular in the nineteenth. It is unusual for so early a game in having hexagonal playing spaces.

This print and play file provides the board in three pieces, and the playing pieces. It can be printed on three sheets of A4 (or US Letter) card or paper, which can be taped together or glued to a large backing sheet. The pieces are also included, and a further sheet of instructions for assembly and play is provided.


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