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Print and Play File for Fanorona

Front sheet of the fanorona print and play file.
Front sheet of the fanorona print and play file.

Wednesday, 9th July 2014

Players wishing to try out fanorona with friends can now do so with a new print-and-play file added to the site. Now those holding off on buying or building their own set can find out cheaply and easily if this game is entertaining for them and their friends, before investing time and money in a more permanent set.

Fanorona is a game from Madagascar. Invented in 1680, the game was still extremely popular two centuries later. In the twentieth century, some books were dedicated to the strategy of the game. Fanorona has been a popular subject for books about traditional board games, due to its unusual method of capturing pieces.

In recent years fanorona became less of a niche due to its inclusion in the popular Assassin's Creed series of video games. After winning or losing at fanorona within the video game, many players have become hooked on the board game and bought their own set from the Cyningstan shop.

If you are not sure about joining them, then you can download the print-and-play file (the link is on this page), and give the game a try with your friends.


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