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Konane: a Cultural Gem from Hawaii

A game of konane just begun (hand-made set).
A game of konane just begun (hand-made set).

Tuesday, 28th June 2016

Konane is an easy-to-learn battle game from Hawaii.  It was a popular pastime before the arrival of European explorers.  It plays rather like a two-player peg solitaire.  Players make jumping captures in an attempt not to capture the most pieces but to leave their opponent without a move.  The last player able to move wins the game, regardless of the number of pieces remaining.

Part of the reason for including Konane in A Book of Historic Board Games was its cultural background.  This gives it a very interesting history, with the story of its decline under European influence, and its miraculous revival in the twentieth century.  Unlike the other Polynesian board game Mu torere, Konane has very intricate gameplay which deserves closer scrutiny.

If you are interested in the book, then please take a look at its page on Lulu.


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