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Brandub assembled and ready to play (mockup)
Brandub assembled and ready to play (mockup)

Saturday, 25th April 2015

The first colour print-and-play file has been added to the web site. It is for Brandub, the hnefatafl game played in Ireland in early mediaeval times. Brandub is a combination of a battle and a hunt: on one side is a king, with four defenders. On the other are eight attackers. The king must escape to the corner of the board, while the attackers have to capture the king.

I have been experimenting with making colour print-and-play over on myother web site, Hnefatafl: the Game of the Vikings. They are much more difficult and time-consuming to produce, both for me and for the players, but the results are excellent. These games are still designed to fit on A4 paper, and can be printed in black and white if no colour printer is available.

As well as bringing over print-and-play files from the Hnefatafl web site, some original ones will be produced on this site for other games. It will be a long process to replace the black and white games with colour equivalents, though, so please be patient!

The brandub print-and-play file can be accessed here:


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