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New Game in Development: Konane

A mock up for konane using a hnefatafl board and red/blue pieces.
A mock up for konane using a hnefatafl board and red/blue pieces.

Saturday, 28th March 2015

A new game is coming to the shop: konane. Expected to be ready in the next couple of weeks, the new set will have a board of ten rows of ten squares, populated by glass pieces. The game will bring a new style to the shop, using sturdy plywood with an attractive walnut veneer border.

It has been some time since I added a new game to the shop, but this spell of inactivity is about to be broken. Konane is featured in my book "A Book of Historic Board Games", so it's an ideal game to bring to the shop. Readers now know where to get a game, and players will know where to learn some strategies!

Konane is a game native to Hawaii. It was played before the arrival of Captain Cook, and was almost buried under the weight of European influences until it was recorded for posterity in the early twentieth century. It is a game of pure strategy, and knowledge of it has been revived along with other aspects of Hawaiian culture.

The board is fashioned after the hnefatafl games I sell on my other site, Hnefatafl: the Game of the Vikings. The attractive veneer border sets of the pieces wonderfully, and a wooden box to hold the pieces will give the set a touch of class.

In three of the photographs on this page I've used my hnefatafl board to provide a mockup of what the game will look like. The board pictured is a 9x9 one, but the finished game will be 10x10 as mentioned above. I've also included a picture of the set used in the book.

Keep an eye on this site or on the associated social media accounts for news of when the game is launched.


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