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H. J. R. Murray: A History of Board-Games Other Than Chess

Monday, 18th October 2004

It might be over fifty years old, but this is still one of the best books ever written about the history of the world's different traditional board games. There are approximately a couple of hundred games in this book, from race games like backgammon to war games like draughts. Only chess is missing, as Murray deals with this in his earlier volume "A History of Chess." Just a few of the games in this book have kept me amused since I bought it over a year ago, and I've hardly scratched the surface.

Murray is also regarded as an authority on the subject of board games, too, so the book is very useful for anyone wanting to put together material like web sites, or booklets of rules for events and gatherings. If you like board games, then this book has to be worth fifteen pounds of anybody's money.

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The amazon price is now $122.22 for the only copy.  I finally got it through interlibrary loan and scanned it.  In a few years it will be in the public domain and then I hope I can make it available online.  

Karen Robinson - 00:34, 03/01/2018

Gracias Karen, espero con impaciencia la disposición en linea, ya que el precio actual me parece abusivo

Rafa - 00:05, 17/08/2019

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