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Agon, and a New Style of Product

Home-made agon board with borrowed chess pieces.
Home-made agon board with borrowed chess pieces.

Tuesday, 2nd December 2014

Last week on social media I asked for people's thoughts on product style. Specifically, would people prefer hand-made games with the rustic blemishes, or laser-edged precision? Responses in public and private indicated that some people would favour the precision.

So I've started a little experiment. I've designed a board for laser etching and sent it off to a company here in the UK for production of a single prototype. If the resulting board is of good enough quality, I'll start to put together a complete set, and if it's viable, sell agon in the shop.

The game I've chosen is agon. This is partly because I don't sell agon yet in the shop. It's also because there's no chance that I can produce a hand-made agon set at a reasonable price. The one pictured above took so many hours to make that I'd have to charge more than its rough and rustic look deserves.

Production takes a while, but once I receive the prototype board I'll take some pictures and share them on social media and on this site. Keep watching this blog for updates!


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