Traditional Board Games

Games of Australasia and the Pacific Islands

Though games from this area are fewer in number than those from other areas, they are very distinctive as befits the widespread and sometimes isolated societies that played them.



A game already being played by the Hawaiians when Captain James Cook made contact with the islanders in the eighteenth century. This is a game of capture where the object is not to take the most pieces, but to leave your opponent without a legal move. There is the original version and a simplified modern version. In both games, you capture a piece of the opposing colour by jumping over it with one of your own pieces, horizontally ... (read more...)

Mu torere

Mu torere is said to be the only native board game of the Maori. It is played on the points and centre of an 8-pointed star, by two players with four pieces each. The object of the game is to block your opponent so he cannot move. History of Mu Torere Maori culture has brought forth a variety of games and pastimes, but among them is only one board game. The Maori generally favour more active pursuits, and string ... (read more...)


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