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Sixpenny Maddell

This curious combination of Six and Nine Men's Morris was played in Wiltshire in England, and was observed in 1897. The game is played with six men per side on a board of three concentric triangles joined at the middle. In a similar way to Nine Men's Morris, it allows a row of three men to be formed on the lines that connect the triangles together.

Rules for Sixpenny Maddell

Rules for Sixpenny Maddell
1. Sixpenny maddell is played by two players, with pieces placed on the points of the lined board illustrated.

2. The board starts empty, each player holding six pieces in hand.

3. At first, each player in turn puts one piece on the board, at any vacant point.

4. Once all pieces have been placed on the board, a player instead moves one of his pieces along a marked line to an adjacent empty point.

5. If a piece placed or moved as in rules 3 or 4 forms a row of three along a marked line (called a mill), he can take one of his opponent’s pieces, so long as that piece is not itself part of a mill.

6. If when capturing as in rule 5, all opposing pieces form mills, then any of the pieces may be captured.

7. A player wins the game when the opponent is reduced to 2 pieces and is thus unable to form a mill or make further captures.


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