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Ludus Duodecim Scriptorum Print-and-play

Ludus duodecim scriptorum print-and-play front page.
Ludus duodecim scriptorum print-and-play front page.

Download: duodecim-print-and-play.pdf
Size 73kb, downloads 3439.

This PDF is the board and pieces of ludus duodecim scriptorum, a Roman game which was an ancestor of backgammon. As in backgammon, each player races 15 pieces around the board, but unlike backgammon, there are three rows of twelve spaces to cover, and the pieces are all going in the same direction.

There are four pages in this PDF, designed for printing on A4 card or paper. The first two parts are the board, the third has the pieces and dice (just in case you don't have dice) and the fourth sheet contains instructions for assembly and play.


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