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Four Handed Dice Chess Leaflet

Four Handed Dice Chess leaflet
Four Handed Dice Chess leaflet

Download: Four Handed Dice Chess.pdf
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This game is also known as chaturaji, and it comes from mediaeval India. Four sides each have four pieces and four pawns, with a die deciding on each turn which piece can move. Players are in partnerships, but there is scope for backstabbing even among allies!

The leaflet is designed to be printed on two sides of A4 paper which can then be folded into an A5 leaflet. These leaflets are copyright protected but may be freely printed and distributed unmodified.


Actually, I have this game under the name Chatauranga.  It was a primer I used when teaching my daughter (at the time, 7) games, and specifically abstract games, like Chess.

Joe Pilkus - 18:10, 09/07/2016

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