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Yoté Print-and-play

Yoté print-and-play board.
Yoté print-and-play board.

Download: yote-print-and-play.pdf
Size 59kb, downloads 3869.

Print-and-play file for the game of yoté. The first page contains the board and all the pieces, for printing and cutting out. The second page contains the instructions for assembling and playing the game.

Yoté is a draughts-like game played in west Africa. Its characteristics are that the players enter their pieces onto the board at will, and after capturing a piece, the player selects another enemy piece to take along with it.


Great site. You should have a donations page for the print and play.

D - 13:08, 13/01/2015

Thanks D! My current plan is to invite people to buy one of the boards I make if they like the Print & Play game, but the donation button is also a good idea.

Damian Walker - 15:34, 13/01/2015

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