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Dablot Prejjesne Print-and-play

Dablot Prejjesne print & play front page.
Dablot Prejjesne print & play front page.

Download: dablot-prejjesne-print-play.pdf
Size 68kb, downloads 3284.

Dablot Prejjesne is an innovative game from Lapland. It is based on alquerque, a forerunner of draughts, but it introduces a feudal element to the game. There are three ranks of pieces, but lesser pieces cannot capture their superiors. So the king and landlord are very powerful, but each player must protect them as once lost, the enemy's capital piece cannot be taken.

This print-and-play game can be printed on three sheets of A4 card (plus an additional sheet of paper for the instructions, if needed). The piece designs have a passing resemblance to the traditional shapes used in authentic sets from Lapland.


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