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Yote wooden board game with pebbles
Yote wooden board game with pebbles
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Are you ready for something different? This game from West Africa takes draughts-like rules and adds some real spice! This dramatic game of pure strategy can still give the players unexpected twists and turns of fortune, as the advantage swings from one player to the other. It was first recorded in the 19th century, but who knows how old it really is?

Yoté is a game of placement and movement. The board, of thirty squares in five rows of six, starts empty. Players start the game by placing pieces from their hand, one at a time. But players can begin moving and capturing before they've placed all twelve of their pieces, so some can be kept back in reserve. Enemies are captured by jumping over them, but a player capturing one piece can then select a second victim from anywhere on the board! This is what gives the game its dramatic flavour.

Our Yoté board measures just under six inches by seven (150x175mm), and is made of Russian Redwood. It is given a hard-wearing coating of cellulose lacquer and polished off with beeswax. The twenty-four pieces are natural pebbles, selected for size, twelve dark and twelve light. A drawstring pouch holds the pieces. An A5 rules leaflet gives the history and the rules of the game.

This game is hand-made in a rustic style. Please do not expect machine-made precision; there may therefore be minor blemishes in the work. Not suitable for young children due to small pieces.


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