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Alquerque publicity photograph
Alquerque publicity photograph
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Introduced to Spain by the Moors, the game of Alquerque was eventually married to the chess board to create the game of draughts we know today. The game has been played all around the world, and its simple but strategic rules have inspired people across the centuries to expand it, miniaturise it, stretch it and modify it into all kinds of interesting variations - draughts being only one of them. But Alquerque is the original and purest of them all.

Twelve pieces on each side face each other on a grid of 25 points, the central point remaining empty. Each piece can move to the next point in any direction, as long as there is a marked line joining both those points. Captures are made by jumping over an enemy to the empty space beyond, and can be chained to allow the same piece to jump over several enemies in one turn. The winner is the player who has captured all his enemy's pieces at the end of the game.

Our alquerque board is made of pine, with the pattern burned into the board using the pokerwork technique. The board is six inches by six (150mm square) and is smoothed off, finished and polished with beeswax. The pieces are glass stones, twelve green and twelve white. A black drawstring bag is supplied to hold the pieces, and an A5 booklet provides the rules.

This game is hand-made in a rustic style. Please do not expect machine-made precision; there may therefore be minor blemishes in the work. Not suitable for young children due to small pieces.

Alquerque: try it out!


love this game.

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