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Nyout publicity photograph
Nyout publicity photograph
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One of a number of interesting games to be invented in Korea is nyout. This game is of unknown antiquity, but may be as old as the third century. Two, three or four players race a team of horses around the outer track, the first team to complete a circuit winning the game. But there's a twist: horses landing in the right place may be able to take a shortcut!

Our nyout game is made of pine board, with the game pattern burned into it using the pokerwork technique. The board is about eight inches square (200mm). It comes with sixteen pieces: four red, four green, four blue and four white, and four wooden casting sticks painted red on one side. A black drawstring bag is supplied to hold the pieces and casting sticks, and an A5 rules booklet is supplied with the game.

This game is hand-made in a rustic style. Please do not expect machine-made precision; there may therefore be minor blemishes in the work. Not suitable for young children due to small pieces.


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