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Here at Cyningstan we are proud of our hand-made game sets. Most of our games use pine boards and glass pieces, but occasionally we use other materials too. Have a browse through the games below. You can try out many of them before you buy, to see if you enjoy them. If the computer keeps beating you, then you obviously need to buy a game to play against your less well-practised friends!



Introduced to Spain by the Moors, the game of Alquerque was eventually married to the chess board to create the game of draughts we know today. The game has been played all around the world, and its simple but strategic rules have inspired people across the centuries to expand it, miniaturise it, stretch it and modify it into all kinds of interesting variations - draughts being only one of them. But Alquerque is the original and purest of them ... (read more...)

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Nine Men's Morris


Enjoy a game so ancient that nobody knows where it came from. It's inscribed across all the continents of the old world, from the stones of ancient Kurna in Egypt to stone- or bronze-age burial sites in County Wicklow in Ireland. By the middle ages it had travelled to the far east, while in the west it was carved into the stones and benches of abbeys and churches to amuse bored monks and priests. Later it was taken to ... (read more...)

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